Who is Bryan Bollman?

Bryan Bollman was born and raised in the Lovejoy District and now has a family of his own here as he dedicates his life to this community. I have a vision for the next generation of leadership in Lovejoy.

Bryan has spent the past 11 years as a public servant eastside neighborhoods by working for as Council Member Fontana’s chief of staff in the Lovejoy District office. In that time, he has proven to be a tireless advocate for the neighborhood: organizing and participating in neighborhood clean ups; attending neighborhood block club meetings, leading one of those as a block club president; community organizing, drafting legislation to benefit The City, and assisting Council Member Fontana with capital and operating City Budget planning.

Prior to public service, Bryan was a UPS Supply Chain Customer Service Manager. On that job, and while in college at UB, Bryan strengthened his already intense work ethic. He worked nights to make ends meet and earn his degree, all while supporting his family and becoming a New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker Associate.

In addition to these jobs, Bryan has extensive experience in the community. Such experiences include being Block Club President, a Meals on Wheels volunteer, and youth basketball coach. Most notably, Bryan recently successfully secured and managed a NYS grant for revitalization of Clinton Street.
I understand this is a big job. But I am ready to dedicate the next four years of my life to serving the residents in the district. I am running for a seat on The Council because I believe I can make a difference.
It’s undeniable that Bryan is a hardworking community activist from the neighborhood, who knows what needs to be done to make Lovejoy great.


Bryan has the experience needed to serve on the Buffalo Common Council. He has spent the past 11 years demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the Lovejoy District, now he will spend the next four working to move The City of Buffalo forward and ensure no neighborhood is left behind. - Christopher P. Scanlon, South District Council Member

With 12 years of experience at City Hall, I know what it takes to get things done at City Hall. Bryan has what it takes, and I'm excited to see his contributions to The Council.Malcolm Aaron Ertha, Council Chief of Staff


Buffalo has come a long way. However, there is still a lot of work left to do in ensuring that the resurgence lifts Lovejoy as well.

Clean Neighborhoods

In order to improve your quality of life while attracting new businesses and homebuyers, we need to keep our streets clean.

Bryan has plans for weekend clean ups, targeted City inspections, and demanding higher standards for enforcing quality of life matters. He’s a candidate who will be proactive and not reactive for you.

Public Safety

We need to make safety a priority for everyone. Making sure you and your family can live, work, and play without fear.

Bryan supports police body cameras being used citywide. Additionally, he will work closely with BPD to encourage community policing. Our officers need to be involved in the neighborhoods.

Vibrant Small Business Growth

Lovejoy can be a vibrant and prosperous place for businesses. Continuing to develop an environment welcoming to economic development is key.

Bryan has already been a friend to small business by leading the efforts to revitalize the Clinton Street corridor. He will continue those efforts by advertising our business strips to incubators, and working to fill vacant buildings with new enterprises.

Unified Engagement and Empowerment

Lovejoy District has so many great neighborhoods, rich with culture, history, and new ideas to offer.

Bryan has goals to bring people together from the entire district. People need to have the ability to easily work with and hear from residents all across Lovejoy. He will plan public meetings to coordinate with block clubs, as well as to hear from residents, sharing ideas and opportunities in our own area. Family friendly events & Neighborhood Clean ups, organized from the grass root level and supported by The City will empower new community leaders and strengthen Lovejoy.

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